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Teams On Fire!
Transforming Your Group into a Productive, Profitable, and Motivated Team
Is your current team underproducing because of miscommunications, stress, and frustration?

Do you want a team with Superior Communication Skills,
filled with Vibrant Energy, and working as a cohesive unit toward a Common Purpose?

"When you have a mission critical project, and the team is conflicted and tensions are high, you want Heather in your corner. She is her own awesome ball of fire, and will help your team function better and your project succeed.” ~Anthony Signorelli, President , Signorelli Consulting Group, Inc.
No matter how amazing the motivational speaker/trainer is who enters your organization...
In a few days or weeks, the old behaviors return.

I wanted to provide an entire system that offers the best chance of altering mindset and behavior in a way that brings positive, long lasting change.

After research and test marketing Teams On Fire was created. It includes multiple ways to reinforce a new culture of increased productivity, enhanced communication, and improved morale...resulting in higher profit and happier employees.

​Are You a Corporate Team Leader Looking to Provide Innovative Concepts to Help Your Team Succeed?

Are You an Individual Team Leader Who Understands the Importance of Ongoing Learning and Development as a Way to Stand Out and Achieve Your Goals?