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Teams On Fire!
Transforming Your Group into a Productive, Profitable, and Motivated Team
Each Teams On Fire corporate program is customized to best suit your company and team needs.  

Programs could include:
  • Discovery sessions and questionnaires to best understand specific issues of your company/team.
  • Keynotes to motivate the organization as a whole.
  • DiSC and Team Dimension Assessments to help members understand, appreciate, and use diverse skills.
  • Team development material that facilitates adaptation and overall team effectiveness.
  • Reinforcement of techniques with monthly Q&A sessions, weekly inspirational tips, and quarterly webinars
  • Blocks of individual coaching can be used for management training, reinforcement, and/or crisis prevention.
What they are saying about Teams On Fire!

"Heather’s approach puts the human aspect back into teams which is becoming lost in today’s fast paced corporate world.” ~Norm P., PMP, managing partner PM Group One

“My entire ADULT life, the day I walked out of HS, has been devoted to Emergency Services ALONG WITH BEING HERE FOR 29 YEARS Been all over the country to classes, workshops, academies etc etc. and………by far you’ve got to be the best of the best..and even though I was a firefighter for 12 yrs. I most certainly don’t blow smoke.”  
~John G, Hunters Ambulance.

"Late last Friday one of my team members came into my office and sat down and said, I changed my mind…I will accept the internal move (that I had been recommending to him for a year)….and quite adamant in his response. I asked him to what prompted the decision. He repeated your rock climbing story. He understood in order to move forward he needed to let go. People do listen and in this case it proved very valuable.” 
~Paul K, UIL Corp
For More Information email Heather at heather@fireinfive.com or fill out a request in our contact us form and someone will reach out to you within 24 hours.  Please put "Teams on Fire training" in the message area.  We look forward to hearing from you!