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Everybody Needs a Little Inspiration!
My goal for this page is to give you a place you can come back to… to find new stories, tips, and ideas to inspire you on your journey. Let me know if there’s something you’d like to see or if you have an inspiring story to share with the other readers. I look forward to hearing from you!

Inspire: to encourage or stimulate creativity, effort, purpose, kindness, compassion, joy and more in your life and the lives of those around you.

My clients and friends are amazing! Here you will find stories of people just like you and me…making a difference in the world:
Jose Rodriguez has a maintenance company in New York City that helps keep buildings clean, updated, and running smoothly. 

If taking care of his family and running a budding business weren't enough, Jose has had a long standing desire to reach out and help the people in his homeland...the Dominican Repuplic. He has helped to provide food, water, and medicine to those in need and has plans to provide these services on a grander scale with his new foundation.

If you would like to help Jose bring sustenance, smiles, and hope to the Dominican email him at djrclean@hotmail.com. 
5 Ways to Inspire the World:

1. Walk your talk. First and foremost, in order to inspire others they need to know you are authentic. Not perfect. Just doing your best to practice what you preach. Be willing to do everything you recommend, willing to passionately strive for what you believe in.

2. Be vulnerable. Allow people to see your mistakes because the learning and growth you demonstrate is moving. Your experience and insight in challenging times encourages others to take risks. And taking risks, including failure, is the only way to find success.

3. Be brave enough to challenge people. Think back. Weren’t the times that you extended yourself and overcame a challenge the times that you became stronger? Don’t allow people around you to limit themselves. Prompt your loved ones to try new things, take a chance, and see the possibilities in life.

4. Think Big but Be Grateful for Each Moment. Strive to impact the most number of people. How can you use your unique gifts in the most impactful way for the most people? If you can inspire a group of 25 with your words…why not a group of 2500? If you can feed a family…why not a village? If you teach a child to read…why not the whole classroom…or the whole school? Having said that- never underestimate the power of a single interaction. Each hug, smile, or gift of your compassion is invaluable. Treasure each moment.

5. Remain optimistic. Don’t allow doubt and fear to infect you. Know in your heart that even as you traverse life’s ups and downs the outcome can be constructive. Display that positive wisdom to others and you will inspire the world!